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Electronic & Communication 

The department aims to impart quality technical education to the students aspiring for a career in the field of electronics and communications engineering. The department also caters to the needs of other engineering disciplines where electronics is taught either as an essential or an elective subject. A wide curriculum ranging from basic electronics to EMT theory, communications, satellite, VLSI, microwave engineering, digital signal processing, optical communications, advanced microprocessor and other related subjects is being taught.

The Electronics & Communication department can boast of having well equipped laboratories, highly qualified faculty members and staff and a plenty of standard technical reference books. For its consistent effort the development is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi:

The aim of the department is:

To promote convergence of knowledge, information, technology and skills.
To develop electronics communication engineers with a global perspective.
To impart specialized knowledge and skills to the students in the field of electronics, communication, and IT.
To ensure total personality development of ‘would be engineers’
To work in collaboration with other institutions/ industries.

The department has reasonably well –equipped laboratories in related fields and students are exposed to various modern equipments in the area of electronics and communication.

The department has following laborites:

• Computer organization lab
• Electronic workshop and PCB design lab
• Electronic lab
• Microwave and optical communication lab
• Analog communication lab
• Digital communication system lab
• Telemetry lab
• Control system lab
• Analog circuit lab
• Microprocessor lab
• Integrated circuit lab
• Digital circuit lab
• Project lab
• CAD of electronic circuit lab