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Prof. (Dr.)S.N. Pandeya, Dean Pharmacy 

Project under investigation
Synthesis and biological activity of feuoroquinolous –as Anti fubeceh Agenct
• Synthesis of Novel Semicaba yours as Anticonvert
• Potential anti HIV Agent-Man rich
• Novel Antiancer Agents, Isatri denvanhvers.

Dr. D.N. Mishra

Project under investigation
• Community Board Distribution Project
• Update Primary Health Cancer services in Mohanlal Ganj Block ( By D.N. Mishra)
• Study of NHRM (National Rural Mission ) Asha as Gosaiganj Block.

Dr. S.K. Agarwal Director (Admn)
Project under investigation
• An investigation into reduced order modeling via ISE minimization technique

Er. D.K. Singh (Assistant Director)
Project under investigation
•  Task allocation using b2b e-commerce , under the guidance of Prof. Dr. R.B. Mishra
(dept. of computer engg. IT BHU ).