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Chairman’s Message

The haze of uncertainty experienced by the world economy over the past year owing to the Eurozone crisis is just about clearing. And India is as usual the flag bearer in showing the way to beating the recession. From all accounts it appears the grey clouds are clearing. And the country is in for some strong and positive growth, once again making a strong pitch for being the leader among the world’s economies. India Inc. is in top gear and extremely positive on the prospects for the coming years.

Our Vision

“To elevate SEG to become a preferred destination not only in the state of UP but also in the whole of India and finally globally for high quality and value based technical education. Where, it will be a part of education to foster in the minds of the students, the ability to apply what they learn, believe in lifelong learning and dedicate them to work for the common good”.

Our Mission

To prepare technocrats and managers for today & tomorrow by providing excellent facilities for higher education, training and research in various fields of engineering, pharmaceutical and management education


  • To develop SEG as a premier Education group in order to promote technical education and research to provide high quality engineers to contribute to the progress and development of society.
  • To mold, change and shape the students according to the dynamic environment so that they can cope up with the latest technologies.
  • To make our students ideal citizens of our country by inculcating soma best of best moral values and positive attitudes in them and to enrich their life.
  • To provide quality education as required by today’s complex technical world.
  • To sharpen rough edges of budding engineers and managers.
  • To train the students to be successful and effective professionals by enhancing their knowledge, skills, creativity and confidence.
  • To produce techno-professionals to fulfil the demand of today’s technical world.
  • To enrich the practical a experiences of the students by providing them practical training in various industries.

What Makes us Different

SEG is focused to become fountainhead among academic institutions in India. The institute is committed to impart professional education of excellent quality for all-round development of the students seeking career in Engineering. Management. as well as in Pharmacy and to develop capabilities and skills of working executive through EDPs and MDPs. Each faculty and staff member shall be well-trained and motivated so that he/she can understand the desired functions and shall be empowered to carry them out effectively. Involvement of Students, Parents, Industry and the Society at large is encouraged for continual improvement in every sphere of Institute’s activities

With this feeling and message I invite you to the SEG Family. I am confident that through the SEG Family ,which you may join .you will excel in your desired profession and will become a precious citizen of our motherland.

Mr. Sunil Singh