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All Colleges of SEG are located at glorious locations of cities Aligarh & Lucknow respectively have holistic approach too. Serene Academic Eco-friendly campuses are away from all the distractions of modern city culture.

Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology and Management, Aligarh (SSITM)

How To Reach SSITM (Aligarh)

Saroj Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow (SITM)

How To Reach SITM (Lucknow)

Saroj Institute of Management and Technology, Lucknow (SIMT)

How To Reach SIMT (Lucknow)

Saroj Education Group (Lucknow)

How To Reach SEG (Lucknow)

Saroj Education Group (Delhi)

How To Reach SEG (Delhi)