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At SSITM we have exceptional facilities for our Mechanical Engg. Students. We recognize how important it is for our students to apply their theoretical knowledge and only application and exception can lead to true learning. The department is accredited by the national board of accreditation (NBA), New Delhi
Natually, our mechanical engineering laboratories have the fine equipments and are maintained by impeccably .we have dedicated faculty members who follow new trends and developments of mechanical hardly by overlooked.
Mechanical Engineering department, one of the well equipped departments of the institute, boasts of specialization like production .Thermal designing has immensely helped in maintaining it up to date, which provide the student technical know how. It is strictly mentioned that our students do have rigorous training in the machine shop, electronic measurment and testing etc .which forms the part of the curriculum.
   Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology and Management (SSITM), Aligarh
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